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RAASM 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps


Pneumatic piston pump s. 650 for distributing oil and similar, R 5:1 – 18 l/min with NBR seals and suction tube 940 mm with bung adaptor for 180-220 kg drums

Aeronautic | Agriculture | Automotive | Lube Truck and Industrial Vehicle | Building Industry and Road Construction | Railway Transport | Manufacturing Industry | Mining Waste Oil | Fresh Oil


The RAASM 5:1 Ratio drum pump is designed for transferring medium to higher viscosity fluids over distances of 60m or more.

What does 5 to 1 pump ratio mean?

If a pump has a ratio of 5:1, it means that the effective area of the motor piston is 5 times the effective area of the piston pump. Therefore, applying a certain amount of pressure to the motor would yield a fluid output pressure that is five times higher. For example, if a pressure of 100 psi is applied to the motor, it would yield a fluid output pressure of 500 psi when the fluid output is closed.

RAASM 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps Features –

  • Flow Rate: up to 18L/Min
  • 1/2″ BSP (f) fluid outlet
  • Available in stub or drum lengths
  • Double action design guarantees regular delivery, less wear meaning greater and longer reliability
  • For larger size systems, car, truck workshops, lube trucks or skids.

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