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RAASM 3:1 Ratio 205L Drum Pump



The RAASM 3:1 Ratio Drum Pump is designed for transferring medium to low viscosity liquids relatively at a distance of 150 ft at low pressures. These Drum pumps are ideal for mounting in drums and servicing oil bars. For heavier gear oils and longer distances or for servicing hose reels, higher pressure pumps should be used.

What does a 3 to 1 ratio mean?

The pumping ratio, as  explained by the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), is the area of the air piston compared to the area of the fluid piston in an air-powered pump.

So when we have a 3:1 ratio, it means that the amount of air-input pressure is one third times that of the fluid-output pressure. For example, if the pump has 100 PSI of air going in then, there will be 300 PSI of pressure pushing the fluid out.

Similarly, if you have a 5:1 ratio pump with 100 PSI of air-input pressure. Then this will yield 500 PSI of pressure output.

RAASM 3:1 Ratio 205L Drum Pump Features – 

  • For medium size systems which may involve multiple hose reels and metered guns
  • Flow Rate: up to 14L/Min
  • Fluid Outlet: 1/2″ BSP(f), air outlet 1/4″ BSP(f)
  • Available in stub or drum lengths
  • Ideal for car, truck and bus workshop applications

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