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Purehold PRO



Puresan PRO – Gel Dispensing Door Handle

Research shows the dirty hands can routinely contaminate door handles and vice versa. This can allow germs to spread and to be transferred on up to 7 different surfaces. The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle helps to solve this issue.

The innovative new Hygiene Handle offers a simple, effective solution to the problem of widespread non-compliance with hand hygiene standards whilst significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination
within your production environment.

      • A simple way to reduce cross-contamination in your facility.
      • Purehold Gel Dispensing Door Handle which releases sanitising gel onto the user’s hand as they pull open the door.
      • Perfect for use in high risk areas where it’s important to get users to sanitise their hands.
      • Dispenses Virucidal Gel proven to kill the most common bacteria and viruses
      • Dermatologically Tested
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