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Oil Safe Storage Lids



With this lid, Oil Safe® Drums can be pre-filled for storage or easier transportation. This is a convenient alternative to handling those bulk 5 gallon pails.

For on-site fluid storage and transporting applications.

Use with Oil Safe labeling to color-code and uniquely identify your lubricants.

  • Ultra robust construction, will not warp, leak, bend or break
  • Safer and more convenient alternative to handling larger drums
  • Premium pump will handle up to ISO 680 fluids
  • Advanced thread design for fully sealed fit to any size Oil Safe® drum
  • Available in 10 different colours for fluid identification
  • With this lid, Oil Safe Drums can be pre-filled for safe storage and transport and can be located for easy and timely access to fluids where and when needed. A convenient alternative to handling bulky 20 liter/US quart drums.
  • Advanced thread design ensures secure fully sealing fit on a 1.5, 2, 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drum.
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