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Oil Safe Oil Pumps

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Tools To Reach Your Lubrication Reliability Goals

Premium Pumps

The Oil Safe Premium Pump is fully serviceable, is capable of handling ISO 680 viscosity oils and can be easily configured for quick connect operation.

This high quality down-stroke discharge pump is perfect for quickly and easily accessing hard to reach and time consuming top up points such as gearbox and transmission applications. Supplied with a removable discharge hose for easy cleaning and drainage, the pump delivers 1 liter for approximately 12 strokes.

General purpose pump will handle up to ISO 460 fluids.

  • Removable colour-coded body collars to match the 10 colour coded Oil Safe Utility Lid.
  • Highly efficient with approx.12 strokes to a liter, capability to handle ISO 580 viscosity oils.
  • Comfortable: D-Handle Grip Design.
  • Internals via quick release – for maximum life serviceable pump internals via quick release body collars.
  • Non-return discharge valve, which improves pump efficiency resulting in less time and effort required for oil top-ups.
  • Anti drip outlet – Supplied standard with a 5 foot anti-drip outlet discharge hose and colour coded Body Collar.
  • Premium Pump comes standard with Nitrile O-Rings.
  • Viton O-Ring for oils where solvent content may be higher.
  • OilSafe Utility Lid/Drum: Match with an Oil Safe Utility Lid and a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart Oil Safe Drum.
  • The premium pump is provided with a colour coded collar and 4″” hose with anti drip nozzle.
  • Match with an Oil Safe Utility Lid and a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart Oil Safe Drum.
  • Supplied with 5 foot Removable Discharge Hose with a hook outlet nozzle. The anti-drip nozzle is made of aluminum and fits 1/2″ and larger fill holes.
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