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Foodsafe V100 Vacuum Pump Oil

Starting at: $161.70


Foodsafe V100 Vacuum Pump Oil is a food grade, non-toxic synthetic oil developed for all types of Vacuum Pumps used in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. Foodsafe V100 vacuum pump oil has outstanding features including a low friction coefficient to provide excellent lubrication and reduce wear.

Foodsafe V100 vacuum pump oil is a fully synthetic oil which provides extremely wide temperature and oxidation stability ensuring greatly extended servicing intervals. This oil has a high degree of de-emulsification and provides greater lubrication efficiency. Foodsafe V100 Vacuum pump oil is also low foaming, reduces residue, varnish and scum build-up to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

This oil is suitable for all types of Vacuum Pumps and is designed to operate in applications where ISO 100 oil viscosity is used. For optimum results, it is important to purge the system of the previous oil prior to recharging with the V100.

The Foodsafe Vacuum pump oils are NSF H1 approved i.e. in the event of a contamination, it is present in no more than 10 mg/kg of the foodstuff in question and does not cause any physiological hazard or affect the food’s odour and taste in any way.

  • Low co-efficient of friction for reduced wear.
  • Superior oxidation stability for extended life.
  • Low foaming which reduces residue and build-up, reducing maintenance cost.
  • Outstanding de-emulsification provides greater lubrication efficiency.
  • NSF H1.

Available in ISO 68 & 100 viscosity grade.
Our Foodsafe Vacuum pump oils are available in 3 sizes –  5 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 200 Ltr

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Contact Foodsafe Lubes regarding your food grade oil requirements on 03 9281 6222.

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