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Benefits of Purehold Antimicrobial Door Handles

What are Anti-Microbial Door Handles?

Viruses and bacteria that linger on the surface of frequently used objects, such as doorknobs, might provide a health risk, especially during an ongoing viral pandemic. The lifetime of viruses and bacteria is the fundamental cause behind this. Viruses and bacteria have been found to persist on metals and plastics for several hours to several days, according to studies. Cleaning these items on an hourly basis can be laborious and time-consuming.

When it comes to public or commercial building entrances, the problem becomes even more acute. This is also something that should be considered in private residences and residential buildings.


What are the most effective approaches?

Installing automated doors would be the most effective answer to such issues. Automatic doors, on the other hand, aren’t always available and might be expensive to instal and maintain. Furthermore, in private houses and traditional households, automated doors are not the best answer.

Another option used by certain well-known firms, such as Purehold, is to cover doorknobs with an antimicrobial coating.


Anti-Microbial Coating Benefits

The Antimicrobial coating on door handles and knobs effectively prevent viruses and bacteria from multiplying and spreading. To prevent the transmission of viruses and germs, Purehold employs Silver Ion Technology in its doorknobs. This system operates constantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to prevent cross-contamination between users.

Some of the features of this technology include –

  • Works continuously, 24/7 to reduce cross-contamination between users
  • BS ISO Certified to ISO 22196 & ISO 2170
  • Tested against Human Coronavirus and Vaccinia Virus (one of the hardest viruses to destroy using a biocide)
  • Extensive independent laboratory and field testing has proven the technology works effectively in a real-life environment
  • A simple “clip-on” design means they can be fitted in less than 30 seconds
  • Visual indicator to remind customers when to replace
  • VHR Technologyincluded as standard
  • Full range of products covering every type of door furniture, including pull doors, push doors and office lever style doors
  • Extremely robust and sturdy. No Maintenance is required and can be recycled.

Ionic silver coatings are extremely effective because they stop bacteria from multiplying. Ionic silver interacts with the bonding sites on the surface of microorganisms, influencing their behaviour. As a result, bacteria grow more slowly and have less nutritional availability.



Antimicrobial handles in business and residential buildings can considerably improve health safety. The best option for replacing obsolete door hardware is to hire a professional service. It will benefit the health of inhabitants and business customers, as well as make everyone feel safer from microbiological threats.

Our range of Antimicrobial Door Handles include – 

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