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‘Supplying compliant products with confidence and care’

More and more companies are changing their choice of certified approved food grade lubricants to Foodsafe Lubes. Foodsafe Lubes is a reliable, trusted brand of Lubricon who is a reputable Industrial Lubricant supplier, boasting over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience.

At Foodsafe Lubes our total focus is providing cost saving solutions to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry with high performance quality lubricants and a lubrication program. Products are certified, approved and meet the requirements of NSF, H-1, Kosher & Halal, providing full audit compliance and giving our customers total peace of mind.

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Why select Foodsafe Lubes?


  •     Protect equipment, prevent costly downtime & extend equipment life
  •     Promote continuous improvement
  •     Ongoing commitment to exceed industry standards
  •     Becoming more profitable through increased efficiency & production
  •     Excellence in customer care
  •     Technical innovation
  •     Exceptional product development with health, safety & environment foremost in mind
  •     Solution provider


  •     NSF, Kosher & Halal Certified Lubricants
  •     Drive up production
  •     Energy savings
  •     Safety
  •     Audit compliance
  •     Increased operating efficiency
  •     Colour coded program to prevent contamination
  •     Reduce inventory with Foodsafe RLP (Rationalise Lube Program)

NSF, Kosher & Halal Certified Lubricants

Meeting the stringent safety and hygiene auditing requirements

Foodsafe Lubes provide a complete range of NSF, Kosher & Halal accredited lubricants that may incidentally come into contact with food & beverages in the manufacturing process. Foodsafe lubricants meet the stringent safety and hygiene auditing requirements. All products are free from nut oils, soya, dairy, animal derived materials and genetically modified ingredients.

Free Plant Audit

HACCP certified lubrication plant audits

Food Grade Lubricants Associates

Foodsafe Lubes offers a special program to all our clients. It is called the Plant Lubrication Audit (PLA) program which provides HACCP certified lubrication plant audits to determine good & bad practises to ensure all lubrication requirements are being met.

This includes a review of equipment on site, identify and recommend correct lubricant type, frequency and recommend change intervals and best practise for all your lubrication requirements.

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